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    Unlock Your Global Talent Pool with Employer of Record Services

    Employer of Record

    Employer of Record, provides services for start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and corporations who are targeting global growth and expansion. Employer of Record (EOR) services typically cover human resources consultation, payroll processing, employer payroll tax filing, assisting regulatory compliance, workforce management, technology, training and development.

    Imagine you’re a tech startup based in the US, eager to tap into the European market. You’ve found the perfect candidate in Berlin, but navigating foreign employment laws feels daunting. That’s where our Employer of Record services step in. We handle all legalities, from payroll to compliance, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business. With our expertise, expanding your team abroad becomes seamless and stress-free.


    • Geographical restrictions of a job role are removed
    • Ability to employ staff worldwide without the need for in-country entities
    • Access to a global talent pool for lower cost
    • The client maintains control of the candidate, whilst our partner, Bradford Jacobs, is the employer who manages all in-country compliance, payroll, expenses and local HR requirements

    How it works:

    • Your company is ready to onboard an employee or recruit Internationally
    • Our partner steps in as EOR, through their in-country legal entity, to handle compliance with an employment contract, payroll, HR and where required tax, visas and work permits
    • Your company has daily control of the employee, while your consultants ensure they are aware of holidays, benefits and entitlements policy
    • Within a few days your company now has international presence in a new market, perfectly placed to explore further expansion

    When can EOR be used?

    • When a role can be fully remote
    • When there has been difficulties finding candidates locally within the budget the client is prepared to pay or where the talent pool is restricted
    • The client is registered in one country and can only offer an employment contract in that country therefore only has access to residents of that country

    Step by Step:

    1. Your employee is ready to go or we can recruit the ideal candidate to fill the role.
    2. A draft EOR service agreement is provided for your legal approval.
    3. Onboarding is then completed via our online automated platform.
    4. The employee is provided with a draft employment contract for their review.
    5. All contracts and forms are checked and verified.
    6. Contracts signed by all parties.
    7. The employee holds an employment contract with the EOR provider, while remaining under your day-to-day operational control.
    8. Our partner ensures compliance with all tax, employment and payroll regulations as your company’s EOR.

    To find out more please get in contact:


    📲 020 3882 6790

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